So I tried playing EXO online games (bad idea)

Not meme review. I’m gonna wear cat ears in this video because I can. so..

There’s that on that. also do you see that? (yes, that’s my boy kai) Told you I have a bias now Yeah, so welcome back to me trying to find as much contents of EXO as possible in this EXO drought because I missed them just like you do. That’s why you clicked on this video and were probably even playing oriental slots

i assume so today what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna Google EXO online games and I’m gonna play whatever comes up EXO online games aaand- There we have it 16 million results (it’s chanyeol’s fault) This one looks cool, what is that? What if there are no EXO games? oh wait, I think I saw someone played this game before or maybe it was a similar game but not EXO related like kpop related. I don’t want to know how to play. I just want to go and play day one Well today I will go to school as a first student. I’m feeling so curious about the high school students life (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) You shouldn’t.

I’ve been there. not fun. Ok, the books already in my bag and I have eaten all my breakfast. time to go! why the bus isn’t come yet? I will go late.

Ottokhae T.T (questioning life) So it’s that kind of game huh oh, 2014 (*insert lay’s voice* nagajuseyo ) i see now suddenly someone closed my eyes I would call the police but go off can you guess who it is? I don’t want to know I would call the police , again, but go off who are you and that’s probably where it’s revealed to be an EXO member It happens to me every time I go for a bus I said try to guess well judging by the fact that you’re speaking English. That’s LAY or Kyungsoo who decided to show us that he speaks English as well. And make sure you check out this brand new Samsung smart PC (it’s AWESOMEE) Lee Soo Man. every time someone closes my eyes. My first ever guess is Lee Soo Man and second is Kim Woobin.

(she looks so done, i love her) Everytime. usually I get it right. so.. So, who are you? I don’t have any idea besides Lee Soo Man. Of course.

Well, I was hoping it would be Lee Soo Man today is not my lucky day. SEHUNA! -.- Sehun is one of my friends since middle school SAME he’s friendly and caring person But sometimes he loves to do stupid things in school. Yeah, like join SM (best joke ever) Sehun and his stupid things in school by the way.

What are you doing here? what are you doing at the bus stop in the morning on a school day trying to catch a plane and waiting for EXO that I think won’t comeback. the first one hit right in the feels.

*subscribe to CHEN, thank you* ಥ⌣ಥ Should we go to school together. Oh, Sehun you’re not in school. Okay see you in class, but I want to be with you Sounds like a sasaeng (fanatics) to me Go off. Wow. The class is great. It has like a board and chairs.

So.. looks fantastic. Kris Saem (teacher) Kris (ಠ ∩ಠ) This is my teacher here. Huh? What is he gonna teach me? Art class? (most likely) transferred teacher from galaxy Milky Way (don’t make her say it) (don’t make her say it) Sure I’m surprised it said saem instead of senpai cause judging by the ottokhae in the beginning I would assume it would have a senpai in here but whatever.

from EXO planet in the SM Entertainment Constellation that sounds terrifying good thing SM doesn’t have a constellation YET, and for you, please collect our class works and give it to me after the class ends why me? Am I really have to do that? exactly because I order you to (ಠ_ಠ) Excuse me, that’s not how it works. No no no.

Okay saem. Why me am i- ? Again, so I only have two options I have okay i’ll do it or why me and he says because I said so. so either way I have to shut up and do it Huh, just like a real life. /”(ツ) I don’t know Kris in real life ᵟຶᴖ ᵟຶ) When I’m gone, I think I should collect the class work hey, can I see your work?

I have one que- Oh, how did I miss that they’re in the same class. They left and went their separate ways and doing whatever (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) um, Why are these books so heavy oh my god, is that Luhan?? the school president and he just goes “no” and walks away (just like real life) What do you bring?

seems heavy I’m bringing geography books for Kris Saem because he told me to shut up and do it so… I’m doing it. Why don’t you help me Luhan, where’s teacher’s room, op- No No Just go straight and you’ll find it. exactly Luhan don’t take any bullshit. Just go find it yourself Can I help you to bring all of those books? No by the way, where is Kris Saem?

I don’t know probably terrorizing some other students to shut up and do something Okay okay okAy Wow Okay Why are you promoting yourself to me? So wait. So in this universe Kris is the teacher Sehun is his student and they’re both in EXO? Because you try this EXO’s da- (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) Is he watching me oh my god, this album is signed by 12 members! (a waeee) How did Kris Saem buy this? or maybe he’s one of th- :O So I’m extra dumb in this game I love this game oh my god what are we talking about?

He’s not in EXO Ah, he’s the teacher that gives me EXO albums out of nowhere because I guess that his hobby Hey, let’s hit lunch together and you can eat mine. Well if I eat your lunch What are you gonna eat? That’s not eating lunch together.

That’s me eating. and you watching me eat. which i’m fine with Who made this?

and he’s like, D.O.? Chanyeol made it. (*lee yeol’s OHO! *) The next lesson and you study all day until the end is this where I die Hey, should we go home together? um, no. What time is it?

I have to watch music Bank special EXO comeback and pretend i don’t recognize them and they’re not my- classmates and teacher. Oh my god. So handsome what to do.

They win Music Bank Congrats EXO!! Wow, just like in real life (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) Day two! how many days are there? Go.

oh, Hey! my classmate who’s not in EXO. Uh-huh. You’re late for school too- yeah.

Yes. Come on I’ll take you to school I can go to school You don’t have to take me this game implies that I have no will and no brain All right, we separate here. See ya. So I guess he carried me here (wow just like real life) Thanks Lay.

Why did you come late? I watch music Bank special exo comeback and EXO Showtime until midnight Like the creep I am. Oh they must be handsome especially that Sehun guy who now that I think about it has the same name and face as you Good morning class That’s me.

Your only teacher at this weird school. Who’s not in EXO But will give you an EXO album Just for fun Today we’re going to have a sport class now I’m your PE teacher as well as the geography teacher I’m so cool. So everybody have gathered? Yes Good. now i will get the balls! Glad to know you will finally get the balls (10/10) What should I do then?

Shall we help kris get the balls? ໒( ᓀ ‸ ᓂ )७ No let’s play. what should we play! basketball?

Okay students the lesson ends here I went to get the balls you played and then i went back with the balls and the lesson is ended. do you like my teaching program? I made it myself aah, I feel so tired. Where should I go? I’ll go to the canteen to b- I’ll go to kOReA aNd mEeT eXO every time I’m like in class and I bored I’m like God, what should I do next?

Should I like go have lunch or should I go to Korea and meet EXO i wish i can They’re not even giving me the option. I thought we’re in the Milky Way galaxy something and I don’t even have an option to meet EXO that’s just like in real life huh? Whaa do you drink too? oh my god Luhan, we have so much in common Finally the school ends. Hey, should we go home together? I don’t know Sehun, should we?

Or maybe I should go to Korea and meet EXO. oh, There’s no one wait, there’s someone here yeah as you can see Lay is so passive-aggressive in this game. I love it. I am so tired I should take a bath and sleep. So she has no parents in this game. The first time she was like, they’re just They’re just at work.

I’m not like creepy EXO sasaeng who somehow studies in their school and Pretend she doesn’t know they’re EXO, huh? (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) Waiting the bus as usual let me guess suddenly the president of South Korea comes from the sky and just gives me a ticket to the EXO concert Oh, that’s just Xiumin. Hey so you go to school earlier too i can’t even choose. What is this game? What do I press? What do you mean game?

what do I press I guess that’s where our life ends i mean, it makes sense my life would end too if I saw Xiumin in real life, so.. nice game 9 out of 10 What else There are no other games How am I supposed to survive the EXO Drought if there are no other games (play wait by exo) Jesus he looks like he enjoys what your f- Is it like a.. another game? No I’m back since I can’t find another playing game I downloaded our favorite app in the whole world where you can chat with EXO and they will reply to you because Because he will understand my- That’s why my Camera Has a sticker on it what the hell that creepy as hell? No, no. No. No.

Thank you No, thank you Ok. I have to enter a call name that I want. Suho to call me and Hi bae Just tried okay We get it you’re bad at typing Andy stop get it together just tried playing EXO games online And couldn’t find any I’m so pissed off right now. So frustrated how’s the wheater? oh wow i guess the Suho doesn’t care about my problems. Wow, just like in real life Just the most important questions okay.

So how you don’t have to know that That’s creepy i’m with sehun :O (anyway support chen chennie chen chen’s solo debut) Yeah, so yeah as we learned today (singersoo deserves better) Yeah, whatever did you like this video W h y last time I? started my video with did you miss me and A lot of people commented Yes, so if you want to see more or hear more or read more of me besides this YouTube channel you can go ahead to my Twitter where I Occasionally post fun stuff as a lot of people would say and I also have an Instagram where I post either drawings or my face, so that’s fun. So Yeah, did you like my NASA shirt? NASA It’s outer space *LIT* Kris Wu you can sue me ????

Please don’t byee See you next time If my career it doesn’t end after this video bye (it’s ok andy you can just run a coffee shop with xiumin)