How long does it take to place a sports arbitrage bet?

A couple of seconds it doesn’t take long as I said the difference between this and matched betting is you don’t need to place a qualifying bet all you need to do is navigate, check the odds are the same, lock them in and you’ll be all good. Should I place stakes like £34.53 or so I just round them? Always around, the good thing with betslayer is we have a feature like that built into the software and this rounding stakes is obviously something just common sense to keep you under the radar of the bookmakes just in case they they care about it. How do I keep all my bookies bankroll high doesn’t take a long time to withdraw funds? if you use skrill your online wallet it only takes 12 hours not three to five days to withdraw funds to your account, this makes it easy because if one bet wins and you have let’s say lots of money in one account the other bet loses not so much all you do is you would draw it to Skrill and load up your other account so you have opportunities to make more arb bets again.

If I start with X pounds can I make X pounds per week? Yes if you assume you make 10% profit each day you know 1/2 arb bets then 250 pounds will yield 175 pounds a week the math is simple. How do I guarantee I don’t get limited by the bookmakers? Again email me team or check out another video in this playlist which goes over all those ways to avoid it but you know it’s mostly common sense and avoiding unusual patterns.

Do people really do this? Absolutely you know hundreds and thousands of people do this mostly you know they you know either do it in the part-time or they’re interested in just investing like forex or they’ve run out of offers in matched betting lots of people do this. How much money I can I make? The maximum amount you can make is sort of 10 grand but that obviously requires a lot of capital like 50 to 100 grand a more reasonable figure that anybody can get to over a series of a couple of months is sort of one thousand two thousand every month Wont the bookie know if too many people arb a certain bet? Good question, usually with other arbitrage betting sites they can and do notice when thousands of members pick a certain bet but with betslayer we have process in place that means that arbs are only shown to a certain number of members to ensure you keep your accounts open for years and you know it’s all good should I open but make your accounts before I join They would be useful to have opened all your accounts first this way you know the best it would be maybe to the William Hill bet365 marathon Ladbrokes coral that sort of thing that they’re good they’re good people to start with what does the software do? Apart from providing the best arbitrage training on the web we also have one of the most powerful arbitrage platforms in the world identifies the Arbs, tells you exactly what stakes to place, which bookies and you know it’s just basically calculates everything for you so you just need to go to the bookmaker, place the bet, easy.

Do I need to be in the UK? you can add all over the worlds using VPNs but you need access to the bookmaker accounts so if you can register for the bookie, yes you can Arb but you know sometimes, it’s hard to do that so check it out I’m sure there’s more stuff on their email about that I’ll be able to help.

Can you have a free trial of our software? Yes of course you can we offer a 7-day free trial, cancel anytime just check it out it’s pretty cool if you still have any questions yes you can email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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