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Card Games: Crash Course Games #13

Hi, I’m André Meadows and this is Crash Course Games. Today, we’re going to be talking about playing cards, gaming artifacts that have truly stood the test of time. These simple, small pieces of paper have been entertaining people for over a millennium. There’s a countless variety of card games, from Go Fish to Yu-Gi-Oh! to solitaire, which you probably play once or twice on your computer when you’re supposed to be working.

And if you need more proof that they’re an unrivaled phenomenon, we even have a gaming Mecca in the middle of the Nevada desert thanks to the popularity of gambling card games. There was even an entire family of cards that branched off hundreds of years ago and became the modern fortune-telling cards we know as tarot. The 20th and 21st centuries have seen a rebirth of the card game. Magic: The Gathering helped create the trading card game craze and games like Dominion helped popularise deck-building games. So let’s shuffle into the history of card games and see why they are so popular, and what effect they have on people and culture. [Theme Music] I want to start with the story of a man — Seth Manfield.

Seth had a particularly great 2015. He played a life-changing card game, winning the title of World Champion and walking away $50,000 richer. During the game, he commanded four Siege Rhinos, three Den Protectors, and even Tasigur, the Golden Fang. That’s right — Seth was playing Magic: The Gathering. And, just like Seth, Joe McKeehen also had a great 2015. Joe was the World Series of poker champion that year.

The 24-year-old from Philadelphia walked away with a cool $7.6 million after winning his first ever World Series of poker. So how do we reach the point where people make a living playing card games professionally? Well, it turns out that many cultures and civilsations have always enjoyed a good game of cards. Let’s go to the Thought Bubble.

Most scholars agree that playing cards were invented in Imperial China as early as the 9th century Tang Dynasty. These cards were originally based on paper currency of the time. But because using real money was inconvenient and risky, they substituted play money known as money suited cards. There were two varieties — Lut Chi, from the south of China that used four suits, and Kwan Pa’i, that had a heavy focus on coin imagery.

By the 13th century, the Persians had ganjifeh, which was probably introduced by the Mongols or traded on the Silk Road. And then the Mugals brought these cards to India in the 16th century. In India, the cards took on a circular shape that kind of looked like the game POG from the 90s. And, moving further west, the Egyptians had a card game known as mamluk, which arrived sometime during the 12th or 13th centuries. These ornately hand-painted cards were of Islamic origin and named after the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt.

A complete 15th century pack contained four suits — polo sticks, coins, swords, and cups — and three additional court cards — king, vice king, and second vice king. Gaming scholar David Parlett claims that “Egypt’s mamluk entered Southern Europe in the 14th century,” which is just one of many theories. But what we do know for sure is that France’s King Charles VI purchased three packs of playing cards in 1392. These cards featured similar imagery to the mamluk cards with cups, swords, coins, and batons, but also had 22 extra high cards that eventually became tarot cards used by mystics for divination. And as playing cards travelled to many European countries, their suits evolved with them. The Italians had cups, coins, clubs, and swords.

The Germans had hearts, bells, acorns, and leaves. It was the French who created the established suits we know today — hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Thanks, Thought Bubble.

So what about that joker we usually see in a deck of cards? Well, the US was responsible for that. The card started out as the highest trump card in euchre and then was adopted into poker as a wild card and renamed the Joker. Poker is one of the most well-known betting games. Poker can trace its ancestry back to the 16th century, with the Spanish game of primero, nicknamed “poker’s mother”.

By the 17th century, the French had a popular betting game known as poque, and by the 18th century, Germans had a similar game called pochen. These two games established betting and bluffing mechanics that would become a key component to modern poker. French colonists brought poque to Canada, which then followed immigrants as they travelled down the Mississippi River to New Orleans.

It eventually spread throughout the country and gaming parlors on river boats. It was growing rapidly in popularity and in 1834, Jonathan H. Green (different John Green) wrote that this new cheating game was dominating the boats and replacing the popular Three-card Monte games, and went on to coin the term poker in his book on gaming. And the game of poker continued to spread, becoming a staple in Western saloons. Poker had continued to increase in popularity, spawning versions like seven card stud and Texas hold ’em, solidifying its place within the gambling community. Now, before I reach modern times, we should also briefly cover the origin of skrill payments New Zealand. Trading card games are defined as games that are mass produced to be purchased and incorporated within a player’s deck for strategic play.

The first real trading card game, or TCG, was the baseball card game, published in 1904 by the Allegheny Card Company. The game consisted of 104 player cards that deck builders could supposedly collect to compete within the game. But because this game was only a prototype and never mass produced, the deck-building component was never fully realised. 1993 saw the first modern trading card game — Magic: The Gathering. Invented by game designer and math professor Dr Richard Garfield, the entire initial 2.6 million print run sold out within the first month, encouraging the publisher, Wizards of the Coast, to print another 7.3 million cards before its official release. Another 35 million cards would be printed between 1993 and 2007.

And as of 2015, there are 13,651 different cards in 11 languages, attracting an estimated 20 million players. In 1996, the Pokemon trading card game was released in Japan by Media Factory. Now, there were other Pokemon sets before this, but this was the first set based on the Pokemon video games, and would eventually be brought to the US in 2003. As of 2015, there are a total of 125 Pokemon trading card game sets and nearly 15 billion of these cards have been produced worldwide. There is even an official Pokemon League, where players can compete against others in their community.

And the Pokemon card game is so popular that it switched roles and became the inspiration for several Pokemon card game video games, including Pokemon TCG Online and Pokemon Card GB2. So what makes the TCGs so popular? Well, Mark Rosewater, the head designer for Magic: The Gathering, said that it was the player’s ability to customise and personalise their decks with a near endless supply of cards for success. He said, “If you compare it to something like Monopoly, every time you play you’re getting a pretty similar experience.”

“But what’s neat about Magic is that the game itself keeps changing.” “It’s about exploring, and you get to constantly rediscover it.” And people have certainly continued to discover it. According to 2008 sales data, trading card games earn around $800 million just in North America. But it’s not just the sales and prevalence of these games that make them significant. They are also having an impact on our lives.

Human-computer interaction assistant Professor Geoff Kaufman from Carnegie Mellon conducted a study in 2015 that used a new research method, known as embedded game design, in a series of card games. Kaufman wanted to see if he could decrease gender biases in people by including pro-equality messages in card games without making those messages too blatant. He found that his games were encouraging people to have increased social identity complexity, which is basically a measure of tolerance in groups.

Players tended to think more broadly and inclusively about social groups. They also had stronger and more assertive responses to multiple kinds of social bias. Basically, the games encouraged participants to embrace diversity. It may not always be as obvious in a game like Pokemon TCG or Yu-Gi-Oh!, but the study helps to show the small role card games may play in bringing people together.

Playing cards and their games have continued to have a hold on the public and players. There are many major card games we didn’t even have a chance to talk about, like blackjack, gin rummy, even Uno! Oh, draw four. And, of course, trading card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and the classic Legend of the Five Rings. And while you play games with physical cards with people in the same room, one unique aspect of the modern age is the digital card game.

In Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, players go online to play and collect TCG cards, as they would in real life. The difference, of course, that there’s nothing physical to own, but the cards come with animations and sounds. The game is increasing in popularity and shows the merger between modern tech and traditional gaming mechanics.

Regardless, the point is cards and card games have forever changed gaming, even in the modern age. They show no signs of stopping and are even responsible for some of our video games. Remember those century-old Hanafuda card that was made by that company called Nintendo? Who now has Pokemon? Who has card games AND video games?

That’s full circle right there. Ain’t that right, Eevee? You are Eevee, right?

We’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching. Crash Course Games is filmed in the Chad and Stacey Emigholz Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana and it’s made with the help of all these nice people.

If you’d like to keep Crash Course free for everyone forever you can support the series at Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows you to support the content you love. Speaking of Patreon, we’d like to thank all our patrons in general and we’d like to specifically thank our High Chancellor of Knowledge, Morgan Lizop and our Vice Principal, Michael Hunt. Thank you for your support.

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How To Earn The Most Cash From Your Online Casino Bonuses

Getting the most out of your casino is the first priority that any new player should be focused on. Welcome bonuses are usually the best rewards that a casino is going to offer, so it’s best to make them count and get all you can from them before they’re all used up. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the steps you should take the get the most cash from your casino welcome bonus.

Welcome bonuses usually provide players with deposit matches on their first few deposits. Each deposit match will have a maximum payout, multiplying whatever the player pays in with each deposit. Since you only get a handful of these deposits, it’s best to go big and deposit on the larger side for these opening deposits in order to make the bonus count. Of course, stick within your bankroll, but there’s no point in being cautious on your opening deposits, only to drop in some big money after they’ve gone.

Wagering requirements come with nearly every casino bonus and effectively dictate how much money you’ll need to pay into the casino, before you can convert your casino bonus cash into real money that you can withdraw. The standard wagering requirement at casinos is about 30x, so try to pick casinos with wagering requirements that are similar to this, or lower if you can find them! The lower the wagering requirements, the less you have to pay back in order to enjoy your welcome bonus.

A lot of casinos offer free spins as part of their casino welcome bonuses and later promotions, but players need to be wary of the word free. Most casinos which offer free spins actually enforce win limits and wagering requirements on them like they do with any other bonus. Only a few casinos allow you to have free spins which are actually free, with Guts Casino being one prime example, so shop around and make sure your free spins truly are free.

Deposit bonuses are a great way to kick things off with your casino. However, a few casinos will offer additional no deposit bonuses before you even make your first deposit. These no deposit bonuses usually come in the form of small amounts of bonus cash, but they can include free spins as well. These no deposit bonuses are subject to the same wagering requirements as other casino welcome bonuses, but with no real investment on your end, other than signing up.

A few casinos have foregone wagering requirements completely and instead aim for the “keep what you win” method of casino bonuses. mFortune Casino gives players £5 from the moment they sign up and also lets them keep whatever they win on that cash, provided they meet a minimum win level. That means that you don’t have to deposit any further cash and can instead keep winning on that initial £5 until you hit that point where you can withdraw. We hope this Casinoslots guide helps you get the most cash you can from your casino welcome bonus and as always, we invite you to check out the rest of our articles, so you can keep on top of everything the casinos have to offer.

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Nine Travel Scams I Have Known and Loved

Know Your Travel Scams

During your beautiful Italian vacation, while calmly strolling a touristy area, you suddenly notice excitable locals in a major brouhaha.  A woman is being accused of shoplifting and she angrily starts stripping off her clothes down to her underwear to prove her innocence.

Naturally a curious crowd gathers and, once the argument ends, many will have been relieved of their wallets by the pickpockets who staged the entire scene.

Welcome to the world of travel scams, a world where the hapless tourist must keep abreast of the creativity of thieves.

My Favorite Travel Scams

Once, I noticed a tragic gypsy woman begging on the wintry streets of Rome bundling her baby against the cold.  Except that the baby was a doll.  It was an Oscar winning performance.

Another time, on the street in downtown Mumbai, India, a polite man came up to ask me about on which street the American Embassy is located.  I ignored him (by the way, it’s in New Delhi, idiot).

After years of traveling the world, besides collecting mementos and photographs, I collect travel scams.  And here are my all time winners.

For women on the road, stay street-smart and watch out for:

  1. Beggars, with or without babies (see above)
  2. Helpful locals offering assistance at train ticket kiosks, ATM machines or anywhere else cash is present – that cash will mysteriously disappear.
  3. Any type of free pokies online game, no matter how much the other player is winning.
  4. A midnight call from the ‘hotel front desk’ asking to verify your credit card – don’t.
  5. Random men coming up and asking questions to engage you  (see above).
  6. A motorcycle rider who buzzes by a little too closely and ends up slicing your purse strap from your shoulder.
  7. Being handed a free gift, a flower, a sprig of rosemary, and then getting hit for money.
  8. Getting bum rushed by a bunch of kids who distract you from the tiny hands emptying your pockets.
  9. A stranger spills something on the front of your shirt.  Another stranger immediately approaches and apologetically offers to help you out – while helping themselves to your wallet.

I’m amazed at the creativity of thieves.  But our greatest weapon is the Internet, where information travels at light speed.   And knowledge protects us all.

Got a prized travel scam?  Share it now in the comments below.

So I tried playing EXO online games (bad idea)

Not meme review. I’m gonna wear cat ears in this video because I can. so..

There’s that on that. also do you see that? (yes, that’s my boy kai) Told you I have a bias now Yeah, so welcome back to me trying to find as much contents of EXO as possible in this EXO drought because I missed them just like you do. That’s why you clicked on this video and were probably even playing oriental slots https://mycasinoindex.com/game/tag/oriental-asian

i assume so today what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna Google EXO online games and I’m gonna play whatever comes up EXO online games aaand- There we have it 16 million results (it’s chanyeol’s fault) This one looks cool, what is that? What if there are no EXO games? oh wait, I think I saw someone played this game before or maybe it was a similar game but not EXO related like kpop related. I don’t want to know how to play. I just want to go and play day one Well today I will go to school as a first student. I’m feeling so curious about the high school students life (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) You shouldn’t.

I’ve been there. not fun. Ok, the books already in my bag and I have eaten all my breakfast. time to go! why the bus isn’t come yet? I will go late.

Ottokhae T.T (questioning life) So it’s that kind of game huh oh, 2014 (*insert lay’s voice* nagajuseyo ) i see now suddenly someone closed my eyes I would call the police but go off can you guess who it is? I don’t want to know I would call the police , again, but go off who are you and that’s probably where it’s revealed to be an EXO member It happens to me every time I go for a bus I said try to guess well judging by the fact that you’re speaking English. That’s LAY or Kyungsoo who decided to show us that he speaks English as well. And make sure you check out this brand new Samsung smart PC (it’s AWESOMEE) Lee Soo Man. every time someone closes my eyes. My first ever guess is Lee Soo Man and second is Kim Woobin.

(she looks so done, i love her) Everytime. usually I get it right. so.. So, who are you? I don’t have any idea besides Lee Soo Man. Of course.

Well, I was hoping it would be Lee Soo Man today is not my lucky day. SEHUNA! -.- Sehun is one of my friends since middle school SAME he’s friendly and caring person But sometimes he loves to do stupid things in school. Yeah, like join SM (best joke ever) Sehun and his stupid things in school by the way.

What are you doing here? what are you doing at the bus stop in the morning on a school day trying to catch a plane and waiting for EXO that I think won’t comeback. the first one hit right in the feels.

*subscribe to CHEN, thank you* ಥ⌣ಥ Should we go to school together. Oh, Sehun you’re not in school. Okay see you in class, but I want to be with you Sounds like a sasaeng (fanatics) to me Go off. Wow. The class is great. It has like a board and chairs.

So.. looks fantastic. Kris Saem (teacher) Kris (ಠ ∩ಠ) This is my teacher here. Huh? What is he gonna teach me? Art class? (most likely) transferred teacher from galaxy Milky Way (don’t make her say it) (don’t make her say it) Sure I’m surprised it said saem instead of senpai cause judging by the ottokhae in the beginning I would assume it would have a senpai in here but whatever.

from EXO planet in the SM Entertainment Constellation that sounds terrifying good thing SM doesn’t have a constellation YET, and for you, please collect our class works and give it to me after the class ends why me? Am I really have to do that? exactly because I order you to (ಠ_ಠ) Excuse me, that’s not how it works. No no no.

Okay saem. Why me am i- ? Again, so I only have two options I have okay i’ll do it or why me and he says because I said so. so either way I have to shut up and do it Huh, just like a real life. /”(ツ) I don’t know Kris in real life ᵟຶᴖ ᵟຶ) When I’m gone, I think I should collect the class work hey, can I see your work?

I have one que- Oh, how did I miss that they’re in the same class. They left and went their separate ways and doing whatever (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) um, Why are these books so heavy oh my god, is that Luhan?? the school president and he just goes “no” and walks away (just like real life) What do you bring?

seems heavy I’m bringing geography books for Kris Saem because he told me to shut up and do it so… I’m doing it. Why don’t you help me Luhan, where’s teacher’s room, op- No No Just go straight and you’ll find it. exactly Luhan don’t take any bullshit. Just go find it yourself Can I help you to bring all of those books? No by the way, where is Kris Saem?

I don’t know probably terrorizing some other students to shut up and do something Okay okay okAy Wow Okay Why are you promoting yourself to me? So wait. So in this universe Kris is the teacher Sehun is his student and they’re both in EXO? Because you try this EXO’s da- (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) Is he watching me oh my god, this album is signed by 12 members! (a waeee) How did Kris Saem buy this? or maybe he’s one of th- :O So I’m extra dumb in this game I love this game oh my god what are we talking about?

He’s not in EXO Ah, he’s the teacher that gives me EXO albums out of nowhere because I guess that his hobby Hey, let’s hit lunch together and you can eat mine. Well if I eat your lunch What are you gonna eat? That’s not eating lunch together.

That’s me eating. and you watching me eat. which i’m fine with Who made this?

and he’s like, D.O.? Chanyeol made it. (*lee yeol’s OHO! *) The next lesson and you study all day until the end is this where I die Hey, should we go home together? um, no. What time is it?

I have to watch music Bank special EXO comeback and pretend i don’t recognize them and they’re not my- classmates and teacher. Oh my god. So handsome what to do.

They win Music Bank Congrats EXO!! Wow, just like in real life (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) Day two! how many days are there? Go.

oh, Hey! my classmate who’s not in EXO. Uh-huh. You’re late for school too- yeah.

Yes. Come on I’ll take you to school I can go to school You don’t have to take me this game implies that I have no will and no brain All right, we separate here. See ya. So I guess he carried me here (wow just like real life) Thanks Lay.

Why did you come late? I watch music Bank special exo comeback and EXO Showtime until midnight Like the creep I am. Oh they must be handsome especially that Sehun guy who now that I think about it has the same name and face as you Good morning class That’s me.

Your only teacher at this weird school. Who’s not in EXO But will give you an EXO album Just for fun Today we’re going to have a sport class now I’m your PE teacher as well as the geography teacher I’m so cool. So everybody have gathered? Yes Good. now i will get the balls! Glad to know you will finally get the balls (10/10) What should I do then?

Shall we help kris get the balls? ໒( ᓀ ‸ ᓂ )७ No let’s play. what should we play! basketball?

Okay students the lesson ends here I went to get the balls you played and then i went back with the balls and the lesson is ended. do you like my teaching program? I made it myself aah, I feel so tired. Where should I go? I’ll go to the canteen to b- I’ll go to kOReA aNd mEeT eXO every time I’m like in class and I bored I’m like God, what should I do next?

Should I like go have lunch or should I go to Korea and meet EXO i wish i can They’re not even giving me the option. I thought we’re in the Milky Way galaxy something and I don’t even have an option to meet EXO that’s just like in real life huh? Whaa do you drink too? oh my god Luhan, we have so much in common Finally the school ends. Hey, should we go home together? I don’t know Sehun, should we?

Or maybe I should go to Korea and meet EXO. oh, There’s no one wait, there’s someone here yeah as you can see Lay is so passive-aggressive in this game. I love it. I am so tired I should take a bath and sleep. So she has no parents in this game. The first time she was like, they’re just They’re just at work.

I’m not like creepy EXO sasaeng who somehow studies in their school and Pretend she doesn’t know they’re EXO, huh? (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) Waiting the bus as usual let me guess suddenly the president of South Korea comes from the sky and just gives me a ticket to the EXO concert Oh, that’s just Xiumin. Hey so you go to school earlier too i can’t even choose. What is this game? What do I press? What do you mean game?

what do I press I guess that’s where our life ends i mean, it makes sense my life would end too if I saw Xiumin in real life, so.. nice game 9 out of 10 What else There are no other games How am I supposed to survive the EXO Drought if there are no other games (play wait by exo) Jesus he looks like he enjoys what your f- Is it like a.. another game? No I’m back since I can’t find another playing game I downloaded our favorite app in the whole world where you can chat with EXO and they will reply to you because Because he will understand my- That’s why my Camera Has a sticker on it what the hell that creepy as hell? No, no. No. No.

Thank you No, thank you Ok. I have to enter a call name that I want. Suho to call me and Hi bae Just tried okay We get it you’re bad at typing Andy stop get it together just tried playing EXO games online And couldn’t find any I’m so pissed off right now. So frustrated how’s the wheater? oh wow i guess the Suho doesn’t care about my problems. Wow, just like in real life Just the most important questions okay.

So how you don’t have to know that That’s creepy i’m with sehun :O (anyway support chen chennie chen chen’s solo debut) Yeah, so yeah as we learned today (singersoo deserves better) Yeah, whatever did you like this video W h y last time I? started my video with did you miss me and A lot of people commented Yes, so if you want to see more or hear more or read more of me besides this YouTube channel you can go ahead to my Twitter where I Occasionally post fun stuff as a lot of people would say and I also have an Instagram where I post either drawings or my face, so that’s fun. So Yeah, did you like my NASA shirt? NASA It’s outer space *LIT* Kris Wu you can sue me ????

Please don’t byee See you next time If my career it doesn’t end after this video bye (it’s ok andy you can just run a coffee shop with xiumin)

Poker Machines Are for Losers


Gaming machines. Whatever you call them, these machines are for losers. Just to be clear, I’m not using ‘losers’ in the pejorative sense. That is “a misfit, especially someone who has never or seldom been successful at a job, personal relationship, etc.” No, I don’t mean that at all (although, there are some poker machine players who would fit into that category). No, I mean that if you play these machines, you are a literal loser. A loser of money.

Poker machines; Online Pokies; Slot machines; The slots.

Because one thing that I can nigh on guarantee you, is that you will lose if you play the pokies. You see, the humble poker machine has one purpose in life — to take your money. Not only will it take your money, given enough time it will take your car. It will take your house.

You may even lose your job because of it. And when things really hit rock bottom, you may just lose your wife and kids. This machine is a money-gobbling monster. It only has one purpose — to rob you blind. Sure, I get it.

These machines are not people. They have no thoughts or desires whatsoever. They’re just a box made of plastic, glass, and metal. But ultimately, they’ve been designed by people to trick you into giving them your money. I’m not a gambler — I’m an investor.

Some people might say that there isn’t much of a difference, but I beg to differ. I invest in an ETF (an exchange traded fund) called VAS — Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF. VAS is made up of the top 300 ASX companies.

18th on the list is a company called Aristocrat Leisure. What do they do? They’re one of the biggest manufacturers of gaming machines in the world. If you play the pokies and lose (which I assume most players do), then you’re directly funding my retirement.

Now I don’t like profiting from people’s misfortune, but it’s no secret that these machines are designed to rob you. According to their website, Aristocrat’s motto is, “Bringing joy to life through the power of play”. I think that’s a bit of a misleading statement.

I personally don’t think they’re bringing much joy to the thousands of problem gamblers who have lost literally everything thanks to these machines. Yes, I know, we could argue about personal responsibility, but to be fair, poker machines have been designed to keep people playing. They use psychological tricks to make you think that you’re about to win, or they disguise losses as wins.

With their flashing lights and their “ding, ding, dings”, they’re a machine that has been built with a single function in mind — to take your money in any legal way that it can. But despite all of this, I don’t really blame Aristocrat. What they’re doing is completely legal, and let’s face it, they’re just a company after all with shareholders to appease.

I don’t even blame the machines to be honest. Yeah, they’ve been designed to trick you, but you always have the option to not walk into the local pub or club. But unfortunately, these machines are everywhere!

In my home state of Queensland, there are almost 50,000 machines throughout the state’s clubs, pubs, and casinos. You can bet up to $5 per spin in clubs and hotels with no limits in casinos. The Minimum RTP value (that is, the Return to Player value) is 85–92%. That means if you bet $100, on average, you’ll only get back $85.

The longer you play, the more you’re destined to lose. Queensland is going through a bit of a pokies epidemic at the moment. Queenslanders have been losing $4426 a minute in pubs and clubs this year. There’s really only one way to stop this. That is, to change the laws.

If we allow all clubs and pubs to have poker machines, we’re pretty much allowing problem gambling. The question we have to ask ourselves, “Is this what we want as a society?”. Do we want people to lose everything under the guise of “having a good time”? I don’t think so. I’ve seen enough people in my own life who have lost everything thanks to the pokies.

I work with a guy who can’t stop and he’s destroying his life because of it. Here’s a few statistics. 20% of the world’s gaming machines are in Australia, and Australia only accounts for 0.3% of the world’s population. 94% of pokies are found in neighbourhood pubs and clubs.

20% of suicides reported at Victoria’s Alfred Hospital are related to a pokies addiction. 4 in 5 areas with the biggest losses are Sydney’s most disadvantaged suburbs. But the question remains… Why? Why do we allow this? I’ll tell you why.

Because of this statistic. $4 billion is collected every year from taxes on pokies. This represents around 5% of state revenue.

So thanks to states getting a guaranteed revenue stream, they’re willing to turn a blind eye to the scourge that is problem gambling. Western Australia is the only state that doesn’t allow gaming machines in clubs and pubs. In their 1974 Royal Commission into Gambling, they stated, “…poker machine playing is a mindless, repetitive and insidious form of gambling which has many undesirable features. It requires no thought, no skill or social contact. The odds are never about winning.

Watching people playing the machines over long periods of time, the impressionistic evidence at least is that they are addictive to many people. Historically poker machines have been banned from Western Australia and we consider that, in the public interest, they should stay banned.” If you play the pokies and you’re addicted, I’m afraid the only person who can help you is yourself. The laws aren’t going to change anytime soon, because ironically, state governments that allow poker machines, are too addicted to the revenue that these machines bring in. Imagine, kind gambler, if instead of spending all of your money on poker machines destroying your life in the process, you instead invested in an ETF like VAS. I can guarantee you that you would have a lot more to show for it, and you wouldn’t have to wile your life away in a dark and smelly club. Pokies hurt people.

They’re not fun. They’re not entertaining. They’re a bane of your existence. If you play them, you’ve got to stop.

You’ve got to admit that there’s no chance that you’ll get your money back, so stop chasing those losses. In conclusion, poker machines are for losers.

Hallowinning At Wind Creek

I don’t know about yo, but I’m still trying to decide on what my halloween costume is going to be this year.

Well while I think about it let me tell you about all the great ways that you can Hallawin at Wind Creek. Halloween night a Wind Creek Atmore it’s the grand prize drawing for our Jeepers Creepers promotion guests have been earning entries all month long and now it’s time to finally find out who our lucky winner is going to be. Starting at 6:00 p.m. you have a chance to win $1,000 cash or move on to the grand prize drawing at 8:00 p.m. where one lucky guest will drive off in a 2019 jeep. Ebone has the spooky scoop on what’s happening at Wind Creek Montgomery.

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Learn How the Pro Plays Video Poker

When playing this very popular online casinos game, be sure to play as an informed player. This may be poker, but it is played with a totally different strategy that it is when you are playing at online casinos against other players. Remember, it’s you against the game, no other players – so you are not playing a strategy that is based on other player’s skills. You are playing against the game and probability. Also, there are so many new video poker variations in play now at Internet gaming sites, that you may get lost in the mix trying them all out.

The best advice is to stick to one game that you really like and master it before you get excited about the next new game out there. Online poker games canada are really fun to play making it worth your time for entertainment alone, but if you8 are playing this game for real money – you obviously need to play to win. To do so, you must be disciplined and understand the strategies for these games when online gambling. Our tips section has great advice to further your video poker playing.

When playing this game (and even slots) at online casinos, the increments you wager are known as credits instead of coins or dollars. So, if you are playing a quarter machine where each increment equals 25 cents, to use three quarters would be to use 3 credits. By using the term credit instead of saying a quarter, online casinos are banking that you will be less likely to conserve your cash. Meaning, if you think in terms of “Oh, I am just wagering three credits” instead of “I am wagering 75 cents” – you tend to separate from the fact that you are wagering real money and therefore you will wager more. This is not to say that we believe you are incapable of knowing the difference, but the simple fact that Internet and land-based facilities choose to change the wording is enough proof that players will wager more if they don’t think in terms of actual cash value.

This in mind, remembers that your credits are real cash and you will always need to think in these terms when online gambling.

How long does it take to place a sports arbitrage bet?

A couple of seconds it doesn’t take long as I said the difference between this and matched betting is you don’t need to place a qualifying bet all you need to do is navigate, check the odds are the same, lock them in and you’ll be all good. Should I place stakes like £34.53 or so I just round them? Always around, the good thing with betslayer is we have a feature like that built into the software and this rounding stakes is obviously something just common sense to keep you under the radar of the bookmakes just in case they they care about it. How do I keep all my bookies bankroll high doesn’t take a long time to withdraw funds? if you use skrill your online wallet it only takes 12 hours not three to five days to withdraw funds to your account, this makes it easy because if one bet wins and you have let’s say lots of money in one account the other bet loses not so much all you do is you would draw it to Skrill and load up your other account so you have opportunities to make more arb bets again.

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The Ruins of Las Vegas

Here’s an idea. In Las Vegas, we’re are the America’s ruins. So when most people think of Las Vegas, they think of this– gambling, drinking, all kinds of crazy revelry, nonstop glitz, glamour, entertainment, and showmanship happening inside and around these massive, palatial casinos. Vegas’s sobriquet is Sin City, a place where one has access to any and every vice, assuming one is able to pay the price. And these buildings structure literally the whole experience. But this is also Las Vegas.

It’s just people don’t normally think about this part of it. Nevada was hit hard by the subprime mortgage crisis, where banks gave mortgages to people who technically couldn’t afford them, and then repackaged those mortgages as sound investments which eventually defaulted, leaving people with homes they couldn’t afford, investors with empty pockets, and gaping money holes in many markets. As of late October, 2015, Nevada has the highest home foreclosure rate of any state in the country. And metropolitan Las Vegas typically ranks within the top five. For a city that we associate so strongly with opulence, there is a fair amount of hardship here, and not just here but also here.

The casinos, Vegas’ monuments to diversion, excess, and abundance, but also provider of no shortage of employment opportunities for locals, also suffered in the wake of the recent economic collapse. This is Echelon Place which began construction in 2007 and was slated to be finished by 2010. It was to be an 87 acre project with 5,300 hotel rooms across four hotels. And it had a construction budget of $4 billion. In 2008, construction stopped, first for a year, then another estimated three to five years. So it sits here, waiting, now more of a memorial than a monument.

Echelon Place isn’t alone, either. In the last decade, there has been 10 hotels that have been abandoned or demolished. There are nearly a dozen massive projects which started construction but never finished. That Vegas is pocked with all of these foreclosed upon homes and incomplete monoliths is a testament to both it and America’s relationship to chance and chance’s relationship to wealth. Let’s do some history.

Long before The Strip, downtown Las Vegas got its start as a playground for construction workers building the Hoover Dam. At the time, Vegas was the closest significantly sized city with businesses that would stay open late. The state had legalized gambling in 1931, the year that the dam started construction.

But the US government wasn’t too keen on that move. They didn’t want their federally-paid dam workers spending their hard-earned dam cash on games of chance. So they schemed to keep the workers away. But of course, their scheming had the opposite effect.

Dam workers flooded Vegas– pun intended– and made it rave– pun and mixed metaphor intended. [MUSIC PLAYING] In 1936, when construction of the dam completed, the Great Depression was still in full swing, so all of those labors went elsewhere to find work. Vegas needed to figure out a way to survive, and quick, because it had learned to depend on that dam cash, which had vamoosed. Luckily, though the dam had stopped powering Vegas financially, it could now power Vegas literally. And building upon their long-held reputation as a playground city, Vegas began outfitting its downtown, Fremont Street, with bright lights a-go-go.

After not long, this part of town became known as Glitter Gulch. The rest is roughly and literally speaking, history. Vegas learned to depend on tourism fueled by glitz, glamour, and nearby scenic attractions. Gangsters and real estate developers learned to depend on Vegas’s lax law enforcement, regulation, and tax code. Entertainers from nearby LA, and eventually across the world, learned in Vegas, there is always an audience.

By the late ’40s, Vegas had stepped into its own as America’s playground, initiating its modern reputation as the perfect expression of American exceptionalism by way of a particular brand of flashy, capital-fueled, American excess, which works like gangbusters until 2007, when the boom became more of a dull thud. In the midst of a global economic recession, the glitz of Sin City can seem excessive at best or irresponsible at worst, which means that tourists are less likely to come visit. Add to that the fact that the city’s banks handed out some 35,000 loans that people technically couldn’t afford . I mean, I suppose in a city that’s defined by betting, it would make sense that real estate developers and lending organizations would bet it all. On the one hand, with civilian homes, it may be simple predatory lending.

But on the other hand, with things like casinos and resorts, I think it’s something else. The Vegas most of us recognize was constructed not to be used like a normal city, like a New York, or a Paris, or a Tokyo, to be marveled at. The Vegas we know is for gawking, not living. The Bellagio, Luxor, the Hard Rock Cafe, and their ilk all comprised a pseudo city which isn’t for residents, but for people who have come to play in as many senses of the word as possible.

These structures are for residing, but relaxing. And architecturally, this is all almost literally America’s playground in that we’ve perhaps outgrown it and abandoned it, except at great literal cost. Vegas is thoroughfares and signage, towering obelisks, and countless simulacra– a pyramid, but not the city, but not Europe, but not bodies of water, but not– were not built to age gracefully, but to impress immediately and then be demolished or abandoned. On one block between Sands Avenue and Flamingo Road used to sit Sands, Castaways, Nob Hill, Holiday Casino and Inn, the Imperial Palace, O’Sheas, and the Barbary Coast.

Now, it’s home to Treasure Island, The Palazzo, The Venetian, The Mirage, Casino Royale, Harrah’s, The LINQ, Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo and the Cromwell. Not one original building remains standing. In their influential book, “Learning from Las Vegas,” architect Robert Venturi, Denise Brown, and Robert Izenour write that in this landscape, architecture becomes symbol in space, rather than form in space.

Weirdly, they weren’t writing about this Las Vegas or this Las Vegas, but this Vegas. They compare the parking lots of Las Vegas to France’s Versailles, a massive, sprawling palace famous for its gardens that stands as a symbol of the wealth of the old ruling class, but also the absolute monarchy of the old regime before the French Revolution. The parking lot, they write, is the parterre of the asphalt landscape, beautiful for all of its uselessness, a status symbol for storing other status symbols. What then of those massive, sprawling, finished, and unfinished mega casinos? What symbol are they? I might say, our ruins.

Given the turnover of the strip, destruction and ruination is practically pre-built into them. Some of them become alike to ruins before they’re even finished. Sure, technically speaking, ruins are structures which at one point were complete and have become decrepit over a long period of time, though haven’t turned entirely back into dust. Machu Picchu, the pyramids, Petra, Teotihuacan, Angkor Wat, the Parthenon, the Acropolis, Caesar’s Palace– there’s this idea that the strength of a society is confidently communicated by the quality and resilience of its ruins. A powerful culture will build a long-lasting structures.

In short, America has all kinds of impressive structures which will look great in the post-apocalypse, while it seems a Vegas casino is unlikely to make it half a generation, let alone some millennia. [MUSIC – “VIVA LAS VEGAS”] strip in Las Vegas, as a location, is such a perfect distillation of that stereotypical American abundance that it feels like maybe this should be our Carthage or Roman Forum, even if it won’t be. These structures stand already fulfilling their role as a ruins, though of course, technically, they aren’t testaments to the things that are important to us, but also what isn’t at a time where the future of the United States’ longstanding cultural and economic authority is anything but certain. Though these things may not be ruins then, perhaps it’s meaningful for us to look at them as ruins now. What do you guys think? Are the ruins of Vegas something like Carthage after the fall of Rome?

Let us know in the comments and our response to some of them in next week’s comment response video. In this week’s comment response video, we talk about your thoughts regarding listicles. If you want to watch that one, you can click right here or find a link in the doobly-doo.

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote a short story to enter in to win an Idea Channel t-shirt. We had an awesome time combing through them, randomly selecting three winners, which we have. The winners are Papa Bad Dad, Observer of Worlds, and Chemical Word Smith.

So we’re going to be sending you guys a message via YouTube to get your information to send you a t-shirt. We are, however, going to also postpone the dramatic reading, because I caught a cold. And I don’t want my cold memorialized for all eternity having to read your beautiful short stories with a nasaly voice.

So maybe that’ll happen like next week. But I promise, it will. This week’s episode was brought to you by the hard work of these high rollers. We have a Facebook, an IRC, and a subreddit links in the doobly-doo. And the tweet of the week comes from Leif Nelson, who points us towards a post about the “Wizard of Oz,” which has been re-cut alphabetically, which means that every scene that begins with a word that starts with the letter A is first. And it works its way all the way through scenes that begin with the word zipper.

And it appears that there is more than one kind of movie that has been re-cut this way. I know what I’m doing this afternoon, while also drinking tea. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Michael Jordan & Isiah Thomas | NBA Gambling Scandals

– Alright we’re going to talk about pro basketball superstars and NBA Hall of Famers Isaiah Thomas and Michael Jordan and their proclivity for gambling large amounts of money. In my expert opinion, both of them at least had serious, serious gambling problems that almost possibly cost them their legacy and parts of their career. Luckily for them, it didn’t. – And betting is legal. For what I bet, yeah it’s a little bit more than I wanted to lose.

I mean, I didn’t bet to lose, but I lost it and I paid off all my debts. I didn’t wanna go to NBC or anyone else and let them know hey I lost $500,000. I’m gonna pay it this, I’m gonna pay it that way.

You know, I thought I was taking care of what my responsibility was. To lose $300,000 is easy acceptable from the public, but to say he lost one point two, then the public’s gonna look at it and say oh god, that’s a lot of money. You know, that’s one point two. Maybe he does have a problem. – I use the term investigative lightly for Isaiah.

Oh sorry, for Michael Jordan. But both Jordan and Isaiah were investigated by the FBI for their ties to gamblers and their high stakes gambling and how it possibly might have compromised them. No charges were ever filed in either case and with the Isaiah Thomas investigation, it was much more intense than the MIchael Jordan one, but as a lot of people know, Michael Jordan, it’s documented that he was writing six figure checks, in some cases possibly even seven figure checks, to cover gambling debts and the media followed him in the 1990s before some of his playoff games, especially if they were playing in New York and the Knicks and the Bulls had a big rivalry and a lot of times the media would follow Michael Jordan the night before games and see him gambling in Atlantic City let’s say 11, 12 at night. So some questions definitely arose. – [Voiceover] Oh no doubt about it.

I mean, it was amongst the circles of the inner people involved in the NBA that he had a gambling problem and the commissioner asked him to step away from the League until he got those demons corrected and then he was gonna come back and that’s exactly what happened. So it was definitely something that everybody talked about. – [Voiceover] So you’re gonna confirm that that David Stern did, that is the reason why, in your eyes, that Michael Jordan stepped away from the NBA because of the problems he had with gambling circles?

– [Voiceover] Oh definitely. I mean, you know, I never had a conversation with David Stern about it, but it was definitely something that was discussed in locker rooms and discussed at lunches between the referees and people from the NBA League office. – His father ended up being killed in 1993 while he slept in his car at the side of the road and there initially were some implications that possibly had to do with gambling debts that never actually panned out and that wasn’t true, but Michael Jordan definitely was kind of playing with fire with some of that stuff, but it never bit him. Isaiah, it came a little closer to biting Isaiah.

Isaiah’s name came up in a really big Mafia racketeering case in the late ’80s, early ’90s, that all spawned, or a lot of it spawned, from after hours casino nights that Isaiah was hosting at his mansion in suburban Detroit. So all this news was actually broken on the eve of the Pistons repeating this NBA World Champions in 1990 and unfortunately for the Pistons, it dampened some of the spirits of the repeat effort. In fact, the Sports Illustrated kicked them off the cover of that week’s Sports Illustrated issue and replaced it with an article within the pages of the magazine and I believe the headline was “Repeat championship tainted by” or something like “roses are tainted” or something along those lines of that the Pistons championship was a bit tainted by this news about Isaiah’s name popping up in this big Mob case where he was called in front of a federal grand jury to account for hundreds of thousands of dollars of checks he was cashing through a friend of his, a best friend of his, a next door neighbor of his, who’s a convicted Mafia associate and he was cashing hundreds of thousands of dollars through that man by the name of Emmet Denha, had a chain of grocery stores and Isaiah was cashing, running it through this Emmet Denha who was a convicted Mob associate and the fact that the FBI was setting up a surveillance shop in front of Isaiah’s mansion a lot in the late 1980s watching these Mafia-hosted dice games. – What happened was Denha had a market where he was able to get large sums of cash in the LCN figures, used Denha’s market to take the gambling proceeds and convert them into cash. – Emmet wanted to be liked by a lot of people and I don’t think the feeling was mutual. I think he was being used.

They took advantage of that ’cause he was a degenerate gambler. They probably gave him a break on some of his losses and he cashed checks for them, cashed very big checks, and he got into trouble for it. – Wanted to gamble for very high stakes. The Mafia afforded them those opportunities.

The Mafia specifically the Giacalone crew, their number one gambling lieutenant, a guy by the name of Allen Hilf. The Giacalone’s were the faces of the Detroit Mob from the 1960s into the 2000s. Anthony Tony Jack Giacalone and Vito Billy Jack Giacalone, they ran most of the gambling through Allen Hilf and Hilf’s crew was kind of known as the Capitol Avenue Social Club crew ’cause they ran out of the Capitol Social Club in Oak Park and Allen Hilf led that crew along with Freddy “The Saint” Salem who was a Middle Eastern Detroit wise guy who you know both Allen and Freddy were not Italian, but afforded the same level of respect and really reached the levels of power that only Italians in Detroit had in the past and you know these guys provided venues for high rollers and a lot of times they were floating games. They’d be one place on a Tuesday, one place on Thursday, one place on a Saturday to kinda throw the FBI off, but one of the ways they were able to lure high rollers was they were able to convince some local celebrities, local pro sports athletes, guys like Isaiah Thomas and Tommy “The Hitman” Hearns, the pro boxing world champion from Detroit, to host these casino nights where the Mob would be the house and you’d have high rollers coming from all levels of society, from doctors, lawyers, judges, to drug dealers, pimps, loan sharks, mobsters, and then professional athletes. It’d be this hodgepodge and you know Isaiah was really, like I said before, was playing with fire with this and there were allegations that he was a point shaver for the Detroit Mafia. Again, these allegations never came to fruition and the actual case that he was called in front of the grand jury for to account for the suspicious check cashing activity, you know, the FBI came out and said that he was not a focus of that investigation.

It was still focused on the Giacalones and Allen Hilf and they would eventually be convicted in 1991 of the case along with Jackie “The Kid” Giacalone, Billy Jack’s son and the alleged current godfather of the Detroit Mafia. And you know, Isaiah was fingered by a number of federal informants for shaving points and there were three specific games that were pointed at by these informants that all took place in late 1989. One of them, Isaiah had his worst game of his career possibly.

I think he shot like one of 12. He had two points and seven turnovers. Another one he pulled himself out of the game literally 60 seconds before tip-off so the line couldn’t change in Las Vegas. Now, these are just allegations. You know, Isaiah Thomas has never been convicted or even charged with point shaving, but he was investigated by the FBI. There are many people connected with the Detroit Mafia that insist he was on their arm and was working for them at a certain point.

In fact, Allen Hilf, who’s been dead now for a couple years and I said was probably the most powerful non-Italian member of organized crime in Detroit, he at the very last let’s say 15, 20 years of his life, he didn’t have a lot of positive things to say about Isaiah Thomas. He really hated Isaiah and reasons why, I don’t know, that can be for you to speculate about. But Allen Hilf, who was alleged to be the point man on the Isaiah Thomas point shaving allegations really had a bitter hatred for Isaiah at the end of his life and Isaiah ended up not being charged and the Giacalones did, Allen Hilf did. They ended up being convicted and doing prison time. But these were very, you know, Isaiah and Michael Jordan both were in my opinion, in my research, were really skating on thin ice with the level of money they were gambling and whether or not Isaiah was shaving points or not, whether or not he was too close to the Mafia or not, the fact of the matter is Isaiah was gambling huge sums of money, so was Michael Jordan, and you know perception is everything and the perception is there that you could be compromised because of the crowds that you’re running in, the people that you’re doing this gambling.

This was 25 years ago. This year when that news broke in 1990 and Isaiah Thomas has since gone on to be in the front office of NBA teams as well as a businessman and MIchael Jordan is running the Charlotte Bobcats right now. So just some interesting tidbits on some NBA superstars, guys that I grew up idolizing, maybe you did too. But make no mistake about it, Isaiah and Michael Jordan were both running in some pretty fast circles.

Keno and Luck

When playing in Keno live at a traditional casino, make sure you remain alert. There is a chance of being carried away by the comforts available and also being easily distracted. The lesser numbers you choose the more chances you have of winning.

Now that you have your lucky numbers here are some tips on how to improve your chances of winning.

Don’t just play them in the state lottery. You can also play lottery type games in casinos and online casinos. its called Keno, and it is exactly like the lottery except instead of once or twice a week a new game starts every 5 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As a matter of fact the odds of winning the jackpot at keno are much higher then in the state sponsored lottery.

The jackpots in keno go up depending on how much money you spend per game. There are many different games and the more they cost the less numbers you get to choose but the jackpots can be anywhere from 1 to 5 million dollars.

Unlike the lottery in keno you can pick your lucky numbers and pay for multiple games, instead of having to fill out a form for each game. Then you are free to go about your business in the casino maybe play some table games or the slot machines. Later you can return to the keno area and they can run your ticket thru the computer and pay you for any wins you may have had.

You must remember that the numbers you choose are not the only factors that affect the outcome of a Keno game. However, if you are able to affect the numbers strategically, which come up with the numbers you choose, you are possibly on your way to increase your bank balance.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

The Right Poker Table

There are many things that have been related to poker, yet there is only one piece of furniture that has been a symbol of a real card player and a real poker player. Poker tables have been that symbol since the inception of gambling in modern society.

These poker tables have been seen in casinos, online, and even in people’s homes. These have been the standard of a social gathering and a gambling event. These tables have been something that have been so sought after that there are even poker tables that can be purchased or created. This has been a very encouraging thing to the fans of the games of chance that are played with cards and the stakes that can be very light hearted or profound.

Poker has been something that has been seen in movies, television, songs, and even in history itself. There have even been universities that have been started by gamblers in the United States. Some have questioned the common sense of playing a game that can make someone a pauper, yet still these games of risk and chance have been a factor in the course of many of the histories that are in the modern world.

Poker tables are something that can be spotted anywhere, as the velvet green surface and the designated spots on the table have been seen only on these tables. These tables can be spotted anywhere and many recognize them right off the bat. These tables have been a focus in the modern culture and have been considered to be a novelty that many have had an interest in having.

With the more distinct tastes of the people and casinos that have been seen in the world, variations of the poker tables has been something that has become more common in the more up to date tables. These tables have been the center of many of the things that have been seen in card games and also have been the standard between children’s games and those for adults.

Some have considered the poker tables to be nothing more than just a waste of funds, yet there are those that are avid fans of the gambling games and see that they are a means of having the magical feel that can be felt by some in casinos in their own home. Many of these people consider the tables to be more than just an item that can be focused for gambling. They commonly consider the tables to be an excuse for friends to gather together and to do one thing that they enjoy and spend time as friends ought to.

Why Are We a No Vacation Nation?

Americans On Vacation – A Rare Event


Why Are We a No Vacation Nation?

Our German, Japanese and Australian counterparts get four weeks off per year, guaranteed.

And Finns, Frenchmen and Brazilians get a whopping six weeks off, guaranteed.

The reason why?  Their governments mandate paid time off by law.

How much do we Americans get off per year?   A shamefully under-used two weeks off per year.


That means the U.S. is the only advanced nation in the world that doesn’t guarantee its workers annual leave, according to a report titled “No-Vacation Nation” by the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Our Inability to Escape and Unwind

Our chances to escape and unwind are gruesome.  For example:

  • Only 57% of us use our entitled vacation days compared with 89% of French workers, according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.
  • U.S. employers discourage us from taking off more than a week at a time.
  • If we do take a vacation break, we are still expected to check in electronically around the clock.

Vacations Threatened by Economic Crisis

Since the economic crisis has hit, it’s gotten worse.  Fearing layoffs and a faster work pace, many Americans are reluctant to be absent from the office.  If they do take time off, they’re anxious that they’ll appear uncommitted to their job.

Ironically, if we need to be good at what we do, unplugging helps us:

  • Gain new insights
  • Live in the present moment, good for mental health
  • Jump back in renewed and excited

Let’s Take Back Our Vacation Time

October 24th is Take Back Your Time Day.  According to National Coordinator John de Graaf, it’s not an issue of staying competitive.  He says we’re the most competitive country in the world yet Sweden, which offers five weeks of paid vacation, comes in second.

Are we shooting ourselves in the foot?

While our international counterparts take their (deserved) time off, returning tanned, rested and ready to kick butt, we stay trapped behind, fearful that time off means time out of the office, permanently.

What do you think?  Why are we a no vacation nation?

Why Vacations Are Good for You and Your Brain

She’s Improving Her Brain

Why Our Brains Need Vacations

It’s no joke that as women travelers we can be derided for taking time off to experience the world.

But taking off on a vacation from work and family is imperative.  As women, we need to be good to ourselves, to refill our creative wells.   Brain research tells us so.

Here’s why traveling is so good for you and our brains:

  • You can gain new perspectives to handle life’s challenges
  • You can become more creative with one simple trip away

Simply, tearing yourself away from emails and computers screens to experience the new and unfamiliar brings better creative thinking and new perspectives.

And you don’t even have to travel far to achieve it.  Even holing up in a nearby vacation home to catch up on books to read does the job.

But recent brain research shows that to really make your brain happy, to re-boot in  from stress, there’s one way of doing it best – travel internationally.

Why World Travel is Best

Landing and immersing yourself in a new culture gives you new creative thinking skills.   Whether in the Italian foothills or on an Asian beach, you’ll learn about a whole other set of social norms and customs.  Handling new languages and currencies, tasting a new cuisine or learning about another religion brings you a better sense of understanding yourself.

Best of all, you become intensely aware, taking note of new faces, things and events around you.  Free of your everyday routine, you become like a child again, fully engaged in discovering the new and different.

And you lose yourself in the present moment, a state of mindfulness.

What are you thinking about in the present moment?  How the blue seawater glints in the sun? The temple monk’s lovely smile?  The fiery burst of flavor from that paella?

Your brain loves this.

Why World Travel Makes You More Creative

Detaching from the familiar gives you a whole new perspective on your everyday life, according to research at Northwestern University.  And pulling away from your close perspective at home brings in new creativity.  Living in mindfulness is relaxing and allows your brain to do its job better.

And that is why world travel is so exciting.  Your brain is firing new synapses.  Your brain likes getting a workout.

It’s why Gauguin found French Polynesia so enticing for his work.  It’s why Hemingway took off for Paris to heal from his World War I trials and ended up writing “A Farewell To Arms.”  It’s why you need a vacation.

What do you think?

Six Reasons Why Everything You Know About Vacations Is Wrong

1. We think summer is the time for summer vacation

And it’s exactly NOT the time to take off.  We got this idea from carefree childhood summers free of schedules and limitations.  Taking off during other times of the year brings unique opportunities beyond your imagination.  Not to mention the cost savings of traveling during shoulder season, usually during spring and fall.

Traveling off-season has its own particular joys.    During our Northern Hemisphere winter, summertime in Sydney, Australia is lovely.  A cruise in October down the Mexican coast means huge bargains for your vacation wallet as well as a more peaceful journey.

2. We think we’ll find peace and serenity during our summer breaks

And we are not.  During the summer, escaping a crowded city or packed freeway means handling even more daunting logistics and stress.  And relaxing on your patch of sand on a packed beach is no vacation.  Standing in a two-hour line into European museums is no picnic either.

3. A staycation is not the answer

You must take off for somewhere, anywhere, to get your much-needed break.  Despite the idea of ‘staycation,’ staying home is not the answer.  You’re still going to answer the phone, pick up your mail and check email.

Go away, anywhere, but do it and do it often, which leads to my next point.

4.  We don’t take enough vacations

Brain research shows that we need to disconnect and re-boot after long periods of stress.   And taking a long vacation is, yes, the answer.  So is taking more, shorter breaks throughout the year.   Turns out you’ll be more productive and creative upon your return.

5. We don’t vacation long enough

Europeans and even Asians take longer vacation time than we poor American suckers, a government mandated three to six weeks off.

And we only get an unguaranteed two weeks off.  Who thought of this?   Why, I ask, do we get glorious three months off as kids but only two weeks as a grown-up?  This feels so wrong.

6. Don’t take vacations – live as a local

The idea of career breaks or mini-retirements may be out of the purview of many.  But, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you can take as much time off as you like and when.

But why not set yourself up as location independent and take an extended visit to Buenos Aires or Bangkok while still connected to your work?   You’ll get the best of both worlds, time off for new adventures, people and cuisine as well as keeping up with work.  And a tsunami of emails and work will not await you upon your arrival home.

Take a daily ocean swim or long walks, enjoy a Mediterranean diet or learn about local history.  Get to know your butcher and baker.  Watch your kids learn a new language.  Create fond family memories.

There are solutions.  Maybe you need to take some needed time off and think about this.

Can’t get away?  Tell me why?

Three Best Reasons to Go to Belize Now

What You Need to Know About Belize Before You Go

If you’ve decided on Belize for your next adventure, you need to know several things:

Belize is tough to get to.  Air schedules are not kind to the Belize-bound nor are the fares in the cheaper range.  American Airlines routes you through Miami, even if departing from the West Coast.  One friend took a cheap flight to Cancun, Mexico and drove to Belize.

Even though reasonably priced flights from Los Angeles to Belize City, via Houston, on Continental Airlines, can be found, you may have an inconvenient 6:30AM departure.

Belize is a Caribbean nation stuck inside Latin America.  The former British Honduras (pop. 300,000), Belize’s Creole population is English-speaking and identifies with its Carib Indian, African, Rasta/Jamaican and Spanish bloodlines with a splash of Mayan.  And the country exists (sometimes warily) next to its Latin neighbors, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.  In fact, squabbles over borders and access to the Caribbean Sea with Guatemala only recently calmed with a solid treaty.

Expensive to get there but reasonable once you are in country.  The Belize dollar is tied to a valuation of half of the American dollar.  So transportation and tours are reasonable, such as the 45-minute, $20 water taxi from Belize City to the Caribbean isle of Caye Caulker.


Best Reasons to Go To Belize Now

Belize offers so much for explorers.  Here are the three best reasons why you should go now:

  1. A wondrous array of Mayan ruins, many recently discovered within the jungle growth, with astounding histories.  In the inland Cayo District town of San Ignacio, you can explore the Cahal Pech Archaeological Site or ride horseback to Xunantunich, another Maya archaeological site.


  1. Eco-tourism hostelries and jungle lodges in Belize offer abundant hiking and butterfly farms in preserved rainforest, tube caving adventures, or canoeing rivers teeming with toucans and jaguars.  Wander the Rainforest Medicine Trail at Chaa Creek to learn about the herbal medicines growing in the rainforest called “bush medicine,” used by local healers still today.


  1. Home to the second largest reef in the world, Belizean cayes and clear water are prime for all ocean sports, sailing, diving, snorkeling.  San Pedro town on popular Ambergris Cayeis the dive and water sports capital.  Some, such as tiny Caye Caulker, have no cars, using bicycles and golf carts as transportation.


So explore this different corner of Latin America, where the people are Creole, your rice and beans arrive with coconut shavings and the sun washes massive Mayan plazas.


5 Surprising Discoveries About Belize

As I crisscrossed this Latin American natural wonderland, I made some surprising discoveries about adventurous Belize as an optimal destination for women travelers.  Read on.

Sleepy Caye Caulker on the Caribbean Coast of Belize

Belize is Safe for Traveling Women

1. Belize lacks the machismo culture of Latin America, identifying more with its Creole identity and British pedigree as the former British Honduras.  On Caye Caulker, I met a young Australian woman traveling alone who marveled at the difference as she traveled overland from Mexico to Belize.  From the adventure center of the Cayo District in eastern Belize to the Caribbean cayes on the coast, I felt perfectly safe, night and day, using a traveler’s necessary sense of caution, of course.

Avoiding Belize City at any time of day is a good idea as there’s no tourist infrastructure there anyway.  Most travelers ride cabs between the international airport and the water taxi landing or come in or out by shuttle from the inland.

Belize Is An English Speaking Nation in Latin America

2.   A traveler who only speaks English pointed out to me how much easier it is to get around, read signs, or strike up conversations with locals, making Belize an easy destination if you lack Spanish skills.  Though English is officially spoken in this British Commonwealth nation, you’ll also hear Creole, Low German from the Mennonites, Chinese from the shopkeepers, and even Mayan.

Jamal from Pacz Tours in San Ignacio, a typical kind-hearted Belizean.

Belizeans are Kind-Hearted, Friendly and Helpful

3.  After I dropped my digital camera into the drink before canoeing into Barton Creek Cave, I was devastated.  Back at Pacs Tours, my tour arranger, Jamal, heard my plight and simply said, “I know who can fix it.”

He headed next door to a clothing store in downtown San Ignacio where a fix-it man sat at a card table, tinkering on the town’s electronic devices and computers.  Mr. Fix-It deftly popped open my camera’s housing, wiped off the droplets and dried the interior with a borrowed hair dryer.  Disaster averted.  Thanks to the kind-heartedness of Jamal, a typical Belizean.

An Amish Mennonite Homestead in Lower Barton Creek in eastern Belize

The Mennonites Grow Belize’s Food

4.  Is watching an Amish Mennonite buggy negotiate San Ignacio’s unpaved roads or observing a barefoot Amish woman working in a long dress and white cap in the tropics seem incongruous?

Yet these are the scenes of everyday life in rural Belize.  Low German-speaking Mennonites feed Belize from their organic homesteads, producing most of the country’s eggs, dairy and produce as well as building most of its furniture.  After migrating in the 1950s, the Mennonites still remain insular and the government honors their refusal to pay taxes or serve in the military.

Belize is a Tropical Rainforest and Caribbean Wonderland

5.  Where else can you explore Mayan magnificence in monuments and history as well as chill to the sounds of reggae on a white sand Caribbean beach?

Belize offers two kinds of vacations.  In the Mayan Mountains, fall asleep to jungle chatter in an eco-lodge after exploring crystal caves full of Mayan artifacts or climbing a pyramid.   Then head to the Caribbean coast where white sand cayes, such as Ambergris Caye, offers island resorts, mojitos at sunset and snorkeling the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on the Belize Barrier Reef, the world’s second largest.

Got any more ideas about surprising Belize?  Let everyone know in the comments section below?

Quick Belize Packing Hints

First in order, pack light!

As an ideal spot for vacations for women, Belize is a safe and casual place that’s gone troppo.   But pack your stuff into a hardy roller with study wheels for handling cobblestones, busted up sidewalks or, if you’re visiting an island with no cars, just bikes and golf carts, on white sand roads.  Just like Caye Caulker.

But here’s the deal.

I’m challenging myself to pack for the entire trip only the bare necessities in a 20″ carryon by Travelpro.  As Travelpro’s tagline states, it’s the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers.  And I always secretly envied the way flight crews jauntily march through the terminals looking all pulled together with their study rollier behind them.

Plus I’ve always wanted to see how I could handle a full-on international trip with one teensy bag.  Wish me luck.


The Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20″ Exp Wide Body Spinner



Yes, it’s tiny.  Dimensions?  20″ x 16″ x 9″.

But the most exciting thing about this carryon is that it’s a spinner!  For easy gliding on the tarmac.  And it meets another requirement for any new piece of luggage.

It’s Not Black!

It’s blue so I actually stand a chance of locating it amid a sea of black cases in baggage claim.  And when you’re dead tired from a rough trip it can be next to impossible to distinguish your bag.

Can it all fit in there?

Belize Demands Packing For Beach and Rainforest

Belize demands packing for the beach and the rainy forest.  We’re going to the adventure center of Belize in the Cayo District for horseback riding to Mayan ruins and cave canoeing.  So we’re talking heavy shoes, long sleeves and pants for the rainforest.  And bathing suits and sarongs for the island part of our travel program in Caye Caulker.

So I’m stuffing this bag just the basics:

  • 1 Light shirt
  • 1 breathable t-shirt
  • 1 tunic and capris for going out
  • 1 breathable, long-sleeved insect repellant shirt
  • 1 pair breathable, insect repellant pants
  • 1 pair breathable, insect repellant cargo pants
  • 1 dress, Little Black
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 1 sarong (my Hotel Bora Bora sarong, of course)
  • A snorkel (Just the snorkel!  I have a thing about rental snorkel gear on my face – ick)
  • 2 pairs of flip flops, one flat, one that’s a higher platform style
  • 1 pair of comfy shoes for hiking
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 8 pairs of underwear
  • 1 pair of water socks – don’t want to harm the coral heads of Hol Chan Marine Reserve
  • Sunscreen for both face and body
  • My Waimanalo baseball cap from Oahu (Google it)
  • Electrical appliances in Belize are exactly the same as in the U.S. so I can pack a hairdryer
  • Yoga pants, shirt and pashmina wrap for plane ride
  • Toiletries, make-up, hair accessories, vitamins, etc.
  • iPad for the plane
  • Bose® IE2 Audio Headphones – ditto
  • Digital camera with back-up battery, charger and extra storage card


Design Meets Chaos

So I assembled the above and carefully folded it all into the bag.  And it all fit.

I did use the expansion zipper to increase the bag’s 9″ width.  I stuffed important documents, such as passport into the outside zippered pocket and my shoes into another larger one.  Everything is sturdily built about this bag and the zippers are no nonsense.  For dressier trips, it has a small suiter set up which can be unzipped and removed.  The panel of the suiter that’s left has a strap for strapping in the donated school supplies I was bringing down for Caye Caulker’s Ocean Academy school.

In all, this carryon is well-designed and thought out.  In fact, I’m going to give a Travelpro suitcase away during the Passports With Purpose fundraiser.

And I’m happy to report that this little case made for a happier, more comfortable Belizean adventure.

How about you?  Got a great suitcase that makes the grade?

Riding Horseback to Mayan Ruins in Belize

Setting Off From Hanna Stables on San Lorenzo Farm’s 400 Acres

Setting Off From Hanna Stables in San Ignacio

In the upcountry Cayo District of adventurous Belize, I chose a wild adventure involving a half-day trek https://web.archive.org/web/20111113183706/http://www.travelgearforwomen.com/?p=1015by horseback to the great Mayan ruins of Xunantunich (pronounced shoo-nan-too-nitch), meaning “Stone Maiden.”  I arranged my unconventional tour of this great ancient Mayan ceremonial center through Pacz Tours in San Ignacio in eastern Belize.

A spring foal warily watches as we stride by.

We set off from Hanna Stables on San Lorenzo Farm in the upcountry Cayo District in eastern Belize with horseman Santiago Juan, a Belizean of Lebanese and British descent whose family had settled here in the 1920s.  We passed through the pasturelands of his family’s 400 acres where they run cattle, run a dairy and grow corn and beans.  As well as horse breeding.

Pasture soon turned into a jungle trail.

Soon we enter a fairyland of rainforest, surrounded by butterflies, orchids, and chattering birds.  This jungle trail gave way to the Mayan village of San Jose Succotz on the banks of the Mopan River.

The Hand-Cranked Ferry Across the Mopan River

The hand-cranked ferry across the Mopan River.

Riders and horses had to board this ancient, hand-cranked ferry to ford the river and head up to the limestone ridge where Xunantunich stands.  No worries, though, because of Santiago’s expert horsemanship, our mounts quietly stepped aboard.

Our noble aquatic equine companions took this hand-cranked river fording in stride.


Magnificent Xunantunich

A national symbol, El Castillo is as high as a 13-story building.

We head up a steep, 1 mile track to the limestone ridge where Xunantunich stands.  After dismounting amid the roar of howler monkeys in the canopy above, we climbed up to the main plaza to take in the Mayan splendor.

Xunantunich’s one square mile consists of six plazas and more than 26 temples and royal palaces.

This important religious center has stood on this flattened hilltop on a limestone ridge since 400 BC.

The climb to the top is steep and daunting and well worth it.

Don’t ascend this Mayan monument if you have any fear of heights.  The steep climb rewards your ascent with panoramic views of the Mayan monuments and the Mopan River Valley.

Security atop El Castillo overlooking the Guatemala border.

Atop El Castillo, Belize’s second highest pyramid, we can see across the rainforest into Guatemala.  Belize and Guatemala are unfriendly neighbors because Guatemala had always believed that Belize is a part of that country.  But Belize, the former British Honduras, strongly disagrees.

An important frieze used to encircle El Castillo; this is a preserved section on the pyramid demonstrating its former location.

A visitor’s center built by the Getty Foundation covers the Mayan magnificence of the famous hieroglyphic frieze that used to circle El Castillo, depicting jaguar heads, human faces, and royal religious rituals.  There’s also a scale model replica of Xunantunich as well as exhibits on its history as a power player in Mayan politics.

The Black Orchid, the national flower of Belize.

Back to San Lorenzo Farm

Those howler monkeys were still roaring as we remounted and headed back to Hanna Stables.  We rode back through the Mayan village of San Jose Succotz, about seven and a half miles west of San Ignacio, which is the adventure center of the Cayo District and the Mayan Mountains.

Back at Hanna Stables, our mounts get their reward in the thick grasses of Belize.